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Abon Technology (HK) Limited is the one-stop Information Technology (IT & AV) solution service company with a business focus to providing comprehensive support service to our extensive customer in Hong Kong , Macau and China.

Today, Abon has evolved over a period of over 15 years and has gained a strong reputation in the IT equipment rental support project for its expertise and its commitment in giving the kinds of attention and professional services that the customers demand. We are provided multi-brand and various types of IT equipment and integrated solution under our experience technical staff.


Core Services

Besides IT & AV Equipment Rental Services, Abon is organized to provide a full range of value-added services and some of them are as shown as follow:

" Office Equipment Relocation Services

" Engineer Outsourcing Services

" System Integration Support Service

" Network Security Patch Deployment Services

" Project Management and Implementation Services

"AV Rental Services (Video System, Audio  System, Lighting System)

"Office Equipment Rental Services (notebook computers, laser printers, photocopiers)


Our Mission

Abon believes "service is critical to success". We own our leadership to commitment to customer service. We aim to provide unbeatable quality both our people and services. This means handling project enquiries and coordination, giving excellent technical service, and ensuring that our customers can receive our mission - Customer Satisfaction


IT & AV Equipment Rental Project Reference

Abon has a professional experience in supporting IT equipment rental projects for our customer base ranging from government bodies, multinational companies and major corporations to SMEs across diverse industry and business sectors in the region.

Abon success in securing and retaining its customer base is largely attributable to a customer-focused strategy which helps us maintain a clear focus on the needs of customer and to fulfill such requirements satisfactorily.


Some of the successful references cases are highlighted as follow:


26th Asia Pacific Dental Congress

泛 珠 三 角 區 域 合 作 與 發 展 論 壇 

International Society of Nephrology 2004 Conference 

立 法 曾 選 舉 候 選 人 簡 介 

英 國 聯 校 招 生 



International Commemoration Conference of Infection 

Control for the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong Infection

Control Nurses' Association

2004 ASTA World Travel Congress

First Global Conference on Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

G2E Asia

Art Base

Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART)


6th Asian Preventive Cardiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation Conference

23rd International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ICOMS Hong Kong 2017)

Post Expo